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Over the years, Pinnacle Communications has embarked on capacity building to emphasis our corporate responsibilities to the business and community at large. Listed below are some capacity development activities:


2002:   (Sponsor): Training for broadcast technicians in
              collaboration with the Broadcast Organizations of Nigeria                                        (BON) and Harris Corporation, USA.

2004:   (Sponsor): Transition form Analogue to Digital
              Broadcasting in collaboration with National Broadcasting
              Commission (NBC) and Harris Corporation, USA.

2006:   (Sponsor): Preparing for the Digital Future in Broadcasting
              in collaboration with National Broadcasting Commission                                          (NBC) and Harris Corporation, USA

2006:   Official Sponsor AFRICAST
2007:    (Sponsor): AIBC/NBC Joint National Workshop on
              Broadcast Engineering in a Digital Era.

2008:   Official Sponsor AFRICAST
2010:    Official Sponsor AFRICAST
2012:    Official Sponsor AFRICAST
2013:    Official Sponsor BON DIGITAL WORKSHOP
2016:    Official Sponsor AFRICAST
2018:    Official Sponsor AFRICAST

2018:    Technical Training on HEADEND Equipment

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