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Pinnacle Communications Limited is a leading Nigerian technology company focused on providing systems and solutions in the broadcast and communication industry.


Pinnacle is a leader in advanced transmitter equipment systems and services for digital television and radio. Pinnacle also offer a broad range of products for digital studios and automation systems, and solutions for analogue to digital transition in the broadcast industry.
In Nigeria, Pinnacle is the exclusive representative of
GATES AIR (formerly HARRIS BROADCAST USA) since 2003

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To be one of the most prominent business  enterprises known for its efficient services. 


To be a trusted partner for our customers,recognized and respected for our       capabilities  and resources.


We help our clients get the full benefit of broadcast technology and services to meet their            commercial and operational needs. 


We strive for excellence in all business dealings and strongly believe that long- term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.


Easy of doing business- Make it Easy. We are professional in our service and product delivery.   

Integrity- We are bound by our promise to deliver value and quality t our clients. 

Creativity- We bring innovation and tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We are         investors in our communities.

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